May 11, 2020

#34 - Ryan from Lifecykel

Ryan is the co-founder of @lifecykel a business that first launched from a crowd funding campaign 5 years ago and was recently featured on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast.  "Unlocking humanities potential with functional mushroom products"

As well as mushroom chat, Ryan also explores the benefits of not showering and growing your own tucker.  Waz hatches his own sustainable vegan protein idea while Andy contemplates giving up the booze.... or does he?

Head to and use the discount code "1OTW" for 10% of any order.

If you haven't been on the shrooms here are the benefits of:

LIONS MANE - Set your brain on fire or grow back a limb (if you're a mouse), improves mood and sleep

CORDYCEPS - Reduce inflammation and stress, increase libido energy and endurance

TURKEY TAIL - Gut health and immune response

REISHI - Increase sleep quality and relaxation

SHITAKE - Hair and skin health plus vitamin D


#1OTW: Mushroom team by Lifecykel

Tunes: Bob Dylan - Murder Most Fowl


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